Ferplast SpA is a successful example of Italian entrepreneurship. The multinational company, leader in the production of pet accessories, was founded 50 years ago thanks to the strong will and capacities of its founder (and present Chairman) Carlo Vaccari, whose son Nicola leads the company today. Ingenuity, perseverance, the desire to achieve and self-sacrifice were the ingredients of Ferplast’s successful story: an activity begun in a basement that has come to occupy an area of 170,000 sq. m. (considering all three production plants set in Italy, Slovakia and Ukraine), employ over 1,000 people and involve 11 trade branches in Italy, France, Germany, Great Britain, Benelux, Poland, Ukraine, Slovakia, Russia and South America.

Ferplast SpA relies on SilviaPiliego comunicazione for the online and off-line press office, media relations, contacts with bloggers and media planning guidance. For its 50th anniversary, Feplast led a significant communication campaing followed by celebrations. SilviaPiliego comunicazione takes care of both product and corporate press offices.


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