about us

Our cross-media agency is specialised in PR and press office activities. During our work experience of over 20 years, we have entered several sectors such as fashion, luxury, travel and interior design.

Our main characteristics are transparency, commitment, and the determination to turn each project into OUR project. Every client is unique to us. We create a taylor-made approach for them in order to reach excellence, the best possible result. And success arrives. It can be seen in the form of numbers and in the exponential growth in visibility and economic return. These data are certified and verifiable.

Our main strength is our flexibility and our ability to act in synergy with other reliable professionals, whom we involve when needed.

silvia piliego • founder

Ever since I was a child, I loved dreaming, socializing, laughing and chatting. I grew up in a numerous family – wonderful in its complexity – surrounded by strong personalities and immersed in deep feelings. I thought I would become a pianist at first, then a hostess, and then again a sylist. But life lead me somewhere else, opening unexpected doors for me, that made me appreciate the importance of communication. During a long stay abroad, I understood the value of exchange, of language removing all barriers – be they ethnic or religious, cultural or simply mental ones. My first job after graduation was as a TV reporter. Perhaps this was the – only apparently – casual beginning of my present career. A job based on intuitions, dialogue, writing and listening. A job that enables me to build bridges that connect people, products and brands.



MH-Way, a Milan-based brand of bags designed by the Japanese designer Makio Hasuike, entrusts Silvia Piliego Comunicazione with its press office and pr activities.

Collaboration with Baxi S.p.A. begins: one of the main European leaders in the design and production of high technology boilers and heating systems.