Made in Italytechnology and lightness are the winning cards of the historic firm RV Roncato, a prime example of family business that managed to keep its role as an international player in the field.
RV Roncato Spa was founded in the ’70s in Campodarsego, a village in the province of Padua. It produces hard and soft suitcases, briefcases and bags, wallets and accessories. It became famous in the ‘90s thanks to Roncato Sphera, “the suitcase you can push with a finger”, and then in the year 2000 with the innovative trolleys Shuttle and Flexi, the first trolley capable of rotating by 360 degrees. Today RV Roncato operates in 80 countries all over the world, with production and logistical sites of over 25,000 sq. m.

The brand entrusted SilviaPiliego comunicazione with all PR and press office activities and with dealing with the press at various trade fairs and events.


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